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LeadHead Glass terrariums are handcrafted out of reclaimed glass from deconstructed homes. Our business was established in 2013 in Michigan by Chad and Derek. Both have a passion for stained glass and plants, and terrariums were a great way to combine those interests.

We model our terrariums after 19th century Wardian Cases, with a contemporary design. The Wardian case was originally used to transport exotic plants around the globe and is an ideal environment to raise your own miniature garden. Planting with a terrarium requires less water than traditional house plants. Each day condensation will form on the glass of your terrarium as it receives sunlight, then as the glass cools in the evening that moisture will return to the soil. 

Each of our Terrariums are made using traditional stained glass techniques and are hand soldered. We knew from the start that we wanted to contribute in whatever small way to sustainability, so we chose to use recycled window glass for our terrariums. Window glass when disposed of is not recyclable and it has a different melting point and durability than standard glass items like bottles. Because of this most window glass ends up in a landfill.  

Every LeadHead Glass Terrarium is handmade using traditional stained glass techniques and is as unique as the glass it comes from. Our commitment is to recycle and reuse our local resources by creating fine hand-crafted terrariums from reclaimed glass. 

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