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Baret Terrarium
Baret Terrarium
An art deco design on a stained glass terrarium and planted with ferns.
An empty terrarium with a modern design.
A planted terrarium displayed in a beautiful living room.
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Baret Terrarium

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If you are inspired by Art Deco design like we are, our Baret Terrarium may be just the right fit for your home. The concentric lines that wrap around the body of the terrarium are a nod to the geometric patterns of stained glass from the 1920's, The peaked roof finishes this design with some extra height for your plantings. Small Begonias, moss, or ferns, would all be happy in this modern terrarium. 

10" L x 7" W x 17" H

All terrariums include a fitted plastic liner.

All of our terrarium are made from reclaimed glass and soldered by hand. 

Terrarium's require less watering than traditional houseplants. During the daylight condensation will form on the glass, then in the evening as the glass cools, the moisture with return to the soil. 

Each of our terrariums are handcrafted from reclaimed glass using traditional stained glass techniques. We hand cut and then wrap each piece of glass in copper foil, they are then soldered by hand and patina is applied.


History in a Name:

The Baret Terrarium is named for Jeanne Baret, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, and an expert botanist. In 1766, at great personal risk, she disguised herself as a man and joined an expedition with the French navy. On her journey she collected a wide variety plant specimens and assisted in organizing, cataloging, and noting her discoveries. There are a couple of great modern biographies out there if you want to learn more Jeanne Baret.